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Blinking and Breathing

Upcoming gigs

February 2015 Songs & Whispers Tour, Germany:

Friday 6th Feb, Big Buttinsky, FILMPASSAGE, Johannisstrth 112, 49074 Osnabrück, 21:00
Saturday 7th Feb, Janja’s Musikbar, Strichweg 39, 27472 Cuxhaven , 20:00
Sunday 8th Feb, Oscar’s Walsrode, Lange Straße 51, 29664 Walsrode, 19:00
Monday 9th Feb, Falstaff, Schulstraße 26, 28199 Bremen, 20:00
Tuesday 10th Feb, Hafen Casino, Am Waller Stieg 6, 28217 Bremen, 20:00
Tuesday 10th Feb, Radio Weser TV, Am Wollelager 8, 27749 Delmenhorst , 14:30
Wednesday 11th Feb, Zollhaus, Hostel Überseestadt, Am Kaffee-Quartier 1, 28217 Bremen,
Thursday 12th Feb, Oililio, Vorstraße 95, 28359 Bremen, 20:00
Friday 13th Feb, Kultkrug, Jeversche Landstrth 8, 26419 Schortens/Sillenstede , 19:30
Saturday 14th Feb, Cabarelo, Willy-Brandt-Allee 1, 27753 Delmenhorst, 20:00
Monday 16th Feb, oldenburg eins, bleicherstraße 8-10, 26122 oldenburg, 15:10
Monday 16th Feb, Bei Beppo, Auguststrasse 57, 26121 Oldenburg, 20:00
Tuesday 17th Feb, Grusewsky, Neutorstrasse 70, 26721 Emden, 20:00
Wednesday 18th Feb, Marias Ballroom, Lassallestraße 11 | 21073 Hamburg , 20:00
Thursday 19th Feb, Spatz&Wal, Hertingerstraße 31, 59423 Unna, 20:00
Friday 20th Feb, Grammatikoff, Dellplatz 16a, 47051 Duisburg, 20:00
Saturday 21st Feb, Bergwerk Quelkhorn, Quelkhorner Landstrth 19, 28870 Quelkhorn, 20:00
Sunday 22th Feb, Katakomben, Obernstraße 16, 28832 Achim, 20:00
Monday 23th Feb, Lilie, Hemmstraße 159, 28215 Bremen, 20:00
Tuesday 24th Feb, Altes Gymnasium Bremen, Kleine Helle 7, 28195 Bremen, 13:30
Wednesday 25th Feb, Syker Vorwerk, Am Amtmannsteich 3, 28857 Syke, 20:00
Thursday 26th Feb, Hamme Forum, Riesstraße 11, 27721 Ritterhude, 20:00
Friday 27th Feb, Grüner Jäger, Grüner Jäger 4, 21502 Geesthacht, 19:30
Saturday 28th Feb, Katja´s Villa Kunterbunt, Münchener Str. 80, 28215, Bremen
Sunday 1st March, Club Moments, Vor dem Steintor 65, 28203 Bremen, 20:00

Thursday 12 March – Cafe Roux, Noordhoek, Cape Town


A song a week

In an effort to force himself to work harder at writing songs, Simon has recently launched a blog called “a song a week (every week for a year)”, where each week he writes and posts a brand new song. The first few songs are up and he’s hard at work creating the next one. Local producer Chris Tuck has got involved, ensuring studio-quality recording of each week’s song. Visit, where you can listen to the songs and sign up to receive email notifications of each week’s new song.

New video

Our first official video for the new album is getting some heavy traffic on youtube. Produced by Ross Campbell, filmed in Simon’s kitchen, here’sAm I the Worm?

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.02.54 PM